The kitchen studio

Berit Nordstrand, a Norwegian doctor, cookbook author, and influencer, approached the design of her new HTH kitchen with a clear vision in mind. At the top of her wishlist was the desire for the kitchen to be the heart of her home, while also serving as a functional film studio for her content creation.


Berit Nordstrand is a dedicated advocate of improving one's quality of life through simple yet impactful strategies. As a trained medical doctor, speaker, influencer, author, and mother of six, she passionately shares her insights and knowledge with others. You can find her on Instagram at @bnordstrand, where she showcases her exciting projects and endeavours.

Residing in the picturesque old town of Trondheim, Berit Nordstrand and her family live in a charming traditional Norwegian wooden house known as "Casa Nordstrand." This serves as the backdrop for her family life as well as her professional pursuits in promoting health and happiness.

"I consider myself an enthusiastic researcher who leaves no stone unturned, and I invested considerable time and effort in finding the ideal kitchen supplier. "

- Berit Nordstrand

The ideal kitchen studio

Berit Nordstrand's kitchen is truly exceptional as it serves a dual purpose, functioning not only as a kitchen but also as a creative studio where she produces content for platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and her personal blog. With 110,000 followers, Berit inspires her audience daily on how to lead a healthy lifestyle without sacrificing quality of life. Furthermore, her blog attracts over 2 million visitors annually, making her a prominent figure in the health and wellness community.

"I want a kitchen that exemplifies exceptional craftsmanship and proven quality."

- Berit Nordstrand

Design consultation

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"I don't need to spend my time constantly polishing fingerprints off worktops and cabinet doors to enjoy my kitchen."

- Berit Nordstrand

"My kitchen is more than just a functional space. It's a welcoming gathering point where both family and guests can thrive."

- Berit Nordstrand

"I love the special proving program and steam baking feature in my combi oven. It creates irresistibly light and airy bread with an exceptionally crispy crust."

- Berit Nordstrand

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