At HTH, we specialize in serving professionals seeking a dependable supplier for kitchens, bathrooms, and wardrobes. We pride ourselves on delivering top-tier quality in every product, timely deliveries, and unwavering support.

Consider us your committed partner, assisting you from initial consultations right through to the finished solution, ensuring seamless transitions in every phase. Our portfolio spans an array of building types: from apartments, residences, and summer homes to nurseries, institutional setups, and specialized facilities for the elderly and disabled.

Our longstanding industry presence equips us with a nuanced understanding and professionalism, making each collaboration stand out. This hallmark of quality distinctly defines and strengthens our customer partnerships.

For years, HTH has stood as the go-to choice for Danes, homebuilders, contractors, and craftsmen when it comes to kitchens, bathrooms, and wardrobes. Our streamlined processes, from design to installation and development, are testament to our commitment across the nation. Our unwavering quality and punctual deliveries have fostered lasting relationships, translating to loyal and gratified customers.

With HTH by your side, catering to the varied needs of your clients — be it kitchens, bathrooms, or wardrobes — becomes a seamless affair. In essence, HTH affords you the broadest options with the least hassles.

Environment and Sustainability

Being one of the foremost kitchen suppliers in Northern Europe, we're positioned uniquely to drive substantial change towards a greener tomorrow. This potential fuels our motivation, propelling us to adopt sustainable measures that shape a better world. Moreover, partnering with us means your projects are aligned with a host of globally acclaimed sustainability certifications.

At HTH, we pave the way for your construction endeavours to earn the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. Our expansive product range and expertise ensure we meet the label's stringent criteria. While not all qualifying products feature in the Ecolabel's database, we're always at hand to provide specifics on any product inquiries.

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