BORA revolutionises the kitchen with extraordinary products for extraordinary experiences

Discover top-quality cooktops and ovens renowned for world-class performance. BORA initially introduced the groundbreaking cooktop extractor with an impressive 99.7% capture rate. Now, explore the BORA X BO combi steam oven, an award-winning design seamlessly integrating with any kitchen interior for a harmonious living space.

Like cooking in the fresh air - it comes naturally to BORA.

"BORA's vision is a kitchen where you can focus on the essentials: Enjoying the pleasures of the kitchen."


The best proof of BORA's innovation and market leadership is the BORA Ecotube duct system and the BORA 3box wall box developed by BORA itself. A system that fulfils the high demands for efficiency, easy installation, low noise levels and flexibility.

BORA offers a 100 % functional guarantee when the BORA system is installed exclusively with BORA components and pipework.

Extended warranty

BORA offers a 2-year product warranty and within the warranty period, you can extend the warranty on your BORA product for an additional 1 year free of charge.

The idea behind BORA is spreading

More and more manufacturers have recognised BORA's vision: The era of the cooker hood is over! The way forward is a new kitchen design with more benefits for the user. BORA is focused on eliminating cooking fumes and odours. Directly at the hob or before you open the oven.

It's simple physics and no hocus pocus. Quite simply, the BORA cooktop extractor fan utilises a transverse airflow that is faster than the speed of ascent of the odours.

What does it mean that BORA has a 10-year technical lead and over 100 patents? The lead lies in technology, design, functionality, noise level, use of materials, user-friendliness, pipework and carbon filters. In short: in every detail, in quality and in the whole.