Creative culinary workshop at @salmonstreet

Trine Trøstrup Darré, also known as @SalmonStreet, has brought together warm hues, captivating material selections, and impeccable artistry, all infused with limitless imagination, to realize her dream kitchen from HTH.


SalmonStreet is a venture led by Trine Trøstrup Darré, a hairdresser, makeup artist, and stylist, alongside Anders Nielsen, a carpenter and comedian. They achieved recognition in 2017 when their renovations of a former flat earned them the "Stylists of the Year" award from Boligmagasinet. The creative duo has also participated in TV shows such as 3xbeliggenhed and Mesterskaberne.

Their ongoing project involves renovating an old rectory in Valby, which they acquired in 2018. The progress of their renovation journey can be followed on their Instagram account, @salmonstreet.

"Anders and I pursue projects that intrigue us and bring fresh ideas – we prefer to steer clear of the ordinary, aiming for experiences that stand out and offer something unique."

- Trine

Welcome to the charming cottage in Valby, a creative haven and residence for Trine and Anders. They are currently in their second year of renovating their dream house.

The couple has taken on the task of living in the house during the renovation process, thoroughly documenting each step on their Instagram profile @salmonstreet. And now, their focus has turned to the kitchen:

"After nearly 2 years of meticulous planning and design, we've honed in on the layout and features we desire for the kitchen," Trine shares, adding, "We're not aiming for a conventional or traditional kitchen. Instead, we're striving for a unique solution that truly reflects our vision of the ideal kitchen."

Their kitchen vision is crystal clear. They aim to create a warm and inviting culinary workspace infused with exquisite detailing and subtle industrial influences.

"When you choose a glossy worktop like this, it may require a bit more thorough cleaning. But wow, it looks good too!"

- Trine

Design consultation

Get inspired by Trine and Anders' approach

Like Trine and Anders, you can rely on HTH's team of kitchen experts to create your ideal kitchen design. Our knowledgeable professionals are available to provide guidance and suggestions to help you achieve your vision.

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"The concept of a work triangle in a kitchen? Personally, I don't believe it should completely dictate how we approach kitchen design."

- Trine

Salmon Street's top five tips

1: Obtain samples of your chosen colours and materials, and craft a mood board to test the practicality of your concepts in real-world settings.

2: Engage with a kitchen expert for fresh ideas and solutions that might not have crossed your mind.

3: Tailor your kitchen plans to your specific needs and avoid getting confined by conventional practices, trends, or external advice. Your kitchen should reflect your preferences.

4: Conduct thorough research to explore the multitude of exquisite materials and options available. Invest time to discover the ideal elements for your project.

5: Embrace your creativity and break free from conventional norms. Challenge the norm by placing the hob and sink on opposite sides of the kitchen island if it suits your needs.

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