Available in a rich array of materials - from wood and aluminium to steel, leather, marble, and brass - our handles cater to every unique style preference. Rest assured, every HTH handle is backed by a 5-year warranty and meets nickel testing standards.

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How to choose the right kitchen handles

When you're looking for the right handles for your kitchen, you can start by considering your expectations for your new kitchen handles.

Begin by answering these questions:

Assistance with installing new cabinet handles

Revamping your cabinet doors with new handles can be a simple yet transformative change! Accuracy is key during installation. Utilize a template to guarantee perfectly aligned handle placement. For expert advice or to explore our extensive collection of kitchen handles, don't hesitate to drop by your nearest HTH store.

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Before you begin installing your handles, you should decide where on the kitchen cabinet door you want to place the handle. Afterward, you can use a drilling template to ensure that your handles are placed in exactly the same position on each door. Once the holes are drilled, screw the handles onto the back of the kitchen cabinet doors, and you'll have a finished and complete result.

When placing kitchen handles, a good rule of thumb is that the handles should guide the user on how to open the cabinets or drawers. For drawers, handles are typically placed in the middle, and for cabinets with side hinges, handles are placed on the side opposite to the hinges.

Find your new kitchen handles

Step into your local HTH store and immerse yourself in our extensive collection of kitchen handles. Our dedicated kitchen consultants are on standby, eager to help you pinpoint the ideal choice for your dream kitchen.

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