Personalized kitchen designs for functionalist villas

Signe and Mike had a clear vision when designing their functionalist villa north of Aarhus: a personalized kitchen built on future-proof solutions. Their dream of a perfect kitchen has now become a reality. Discover the thoughtful design choices and innovative solutions that make their kitchen both functional and timeless.


Signe, a school teacher at a special school, and her boyfriend Mike embarked on a journey to create their dream home. Previously living in a flat in Aarhus, they desired more space and a garden, leading them to build a functionalist villa. In June 2020, they happily moved into their new home, sharing glimpses of the construction process and interior design on Signe's Instagram profile @signebine_liv.

Their functionalist villa spans 175 square meters and includes a spacious double garage, accommodating their shared passion for VW vans. The couple's love for personalization and future-proof solutions is evident in their carefully planned kitchen, which reflects their unique style and practical needs. Follow their journey as they transform their house into a warm and inviting home.

"Choose something personal. Make it uniquely yours. Let your individuality shine through."

- Signe

Turning dreams into reality

Signe and Mike's kitchen in their functionalist villa is a central and integrated part of their home. It features a cooking niche, built-in cabinets, and a versatile alcove that can serve as a pantry when needed.

"The inclusion of gables on the kitchen island was a must for me. It adds a wonderful aesthetic to the overall design"

- Signe

"We have successfully achieved our goal within the allocated budget."

- Signe

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