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In the catalogue "Fronts and Accessories," we have gathered our standard range, so you can see which worktops you can choose from. If you visit your local HTH store, you can see samples of the entire range.

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Worktop Guide

How to choose the perfect worktop

To find the perfect worktop for your kitchen, it's important to consider your expectations and preferences for the new surface.

Start by asking yourself these three key questions:


 Countertops come in many different price ranges, and the cost primarily depends on the material of the countertop. You can see our countertop options and prices here.

The cost of replacing a countertop in the kitchen depends on the type of countertop you choose and whether you need professional craftsmen to assist with installation.

You can replace a countertop yourself if you're handy, but if you're dealing with heavy or delicate materials like CoreStone or ceramic, it's a good idea to seek help from professional installers.

The height of your kitchen worktop plays a vital role in ensuring comfortable working conditions and avoiding discomfort or pain.

In many families, there are variations in height that need to be taken into account when determining the kitchen worktop height. In a standard kitchen, the worktop height typically falls within the range of 85-95 cm. A worktop height of 90 cm is a common choice that tends to accommodate most families of average height comfortably.

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