Luxury flat kitchen

When Susanne and Peter acquired their well-worn luxury flat on the 4th floor, they made a firm decision to embrace their personal style without being concerned about market appeal. The outcome is a truly one-of-a-kind kitchen that beautifully reflects the flat's history, their family's affinity for vibrant colours, and their dynamic everyday life with two young children.

Susanne's creative kitchen renovation

Susanne, a 32-year-old copywriter, embarked on a renovation project in March 2020 when she and her husband Peter took over a spacious and historic flat on the 4th floor. With their creative vision and dedication, they have completely transformed the 130-square-meter space into a remarkable home for their family of four, including their two children, Wilma and Georg. The renovation process has resulted in vibrant and unique design solutions that reflect Susanne and Peter's personal style.

"We're not worried about making our home neutral and saleable like others. We want it to reflect our personal style."


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Be inspired by Susanne and Peter's kitchen journey

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"Embracing the patina that develops on brass is a part of its unique aesthetic."


"The kitchen should radiate the same vibrant energy and charm that permeated the rest of the flat." 

- Susanne

Susanne and Peter's top renovation tips

1: Learning what people love about their kitchens can help you discover features and elements that could enhance your space.

2: When designing your kitchen, consider its function in your daily life. Assess how you use the kitchen and the activities that occur there.

3: Don't overlook practical aspects when designing your kitchen. Strategically place appliances, such as the dishwasher, for easy access and unloading. Organize your kitchen items in a logical manner to maximize convenience. Allocate sufficient space and designated storage areas for specific items like tall glasses and pots.

4: Create cohesion in your kitchen with materials and colours. Use a consistent material like brass and incorporate it into various details for a harmonious aesthetic.


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