New York-inspired style in Islands Brygge

Sandra and Mads embarked on a renovation project for their flat in Islands Brygge, seamlessly blending rustic and grand elements. The outcome is a captivating urban aesthetic, where the timeless charm of herringbone parquet harmoniously complements the raw beauty of exposed brick walls, all brought together by a stunning green kitchen from HTH. The combination of these design choices creates a unique and visually striking atmosphere in their home.

Third Floor to the right

Sandra and Mads, along with their newborn son and adorable dog, Little P, reside on the 3rd floor of a charming old building in Islands Brygge. In October 2020, they undertook an exciting endeavor to completely renovate their spacious 125-square-meter flat. The renovation project was diligently executed, and they were able to enjoy their revamped home just in time for Christmas, creating a delightful atmosphere for the holiday season.

Through her Instagram presence under the handle @sandramjensen, Sandra invites others to join her in celebrating life's precious and significant moments, big or small.

"We are thrilled with the spaciousness we've achieved in our few and irregular square meters."

- Sandra

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"I found the ideal retro-style extractor hood through a Google search for 'retro extractor hood.' It perfectly complements the kitchen's style."

- Mads

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