Carpentry kitchen with exquisite details

Linda Elmin, an interior designer with a track record of guiding clients towards HTH kitchens, had no hesitation in choosing one for herself. Nordic Creation was a perfect fit for her desires, making the decision easy. "When I came across Nordic Creation, there was no hesitation. It felt as if it had been tailored to our wishes," Linda affirms.

A home infused with soul

Norwegian resident Linda Elmin shares her home with her partner Kenneth and her two children, Zara (20) and Nicolai (17). They live in a 1950s house that Linda inherited from her grandparents. Linda is an interior architect and manages the Instagram profile @hviit.

”We aimed for a natural oak shade, and I adore the solid wood fronts with finger-jointed intricacies. It's a nod to exceptional traditional craftsmanship."

- Linda

The social kitchen

"We enjoy baking and cooking together and need a lot of countertop space," says Linda. The chosen kitchen island provides space for both cooking and homework and opens up opportunities for social interaction.


”We meticulously arranged the placement of items, allowing us to customize details like shelf height in the cabinet to match the decanter and glass dimensions."

- Linda

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