We support a sustainable lifestyle

We support a sustainable lifestyle

HTH supplies kitchens that last for many years. This means we have to constantly be at the leading edge, and our products must meet the users’ needs today, and in the future. Sustainability is therefore a key element in our design and product development.

Sustainable product development

When we develop new products, we use a sustainability scorecard to assess materials, design and evaluate how a product performs in relation to our sustainability goals. The end result is solutions that can reduce the climate and environmental impact of our products over their lifetime.

HTH used in construction projects carrying the Nordic Swan ecolabel

All HTH units and fronts are made from materials that meet the criteria for use in buildings with the Swan label. Several of our products carry the Swan label, with more being regularly added – both fronts and worktops.  Our products can also make a positive contribution to sustainable construction projects that are to be DGNB certified.

Offering the most energy-efficient appliances

It is our goal to offer the most energy-efficient appliances, to help our customers reduce their energy usage and climate footprint. Appliances are one of the product groups that uses the most energy in homes. In our carbon evaluation of our value chain, the use of appliances was one of the links in the chain with the highest carbon footprint.

Ergonomic and safe products

Our product development always takes safety and ergonomics into account. Before a new product enters the production phase, it undergoes a series of tests – internally, and by accredited testing institutions working in line with EU standards.

Our action areas

HTH works with sustainability in five action areas, each of which addresses a number of the UN’s 17 sustainable development goals.




Climate initiatives that last


Environmental and circular materials


Sustainable corporate culture

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Responsible procurement


FSC and indoor climate labelling

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