FSC® and indoor climate labelling

FSC® and indoor climate labelling

Worktops that consider the environment

We strive to take care of the environment and people in everything we do. 
Therefore, we are very proud about the fact, that selected solid worktops in our range are made from FSC™-certified wood, as your guarantee that they originate from responsible forestry operations, taking into account the flora, fauna and people involved.

FSC® – for the future

FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) is an international labelling scheme for responsible wood production. FSC® certified forests take into account endangered animals and plants and the people who use the forest, among other factors. Local forest workers are trained and receive safety equipment and a proper wage they can live on.

Guarantee with broad support

FSC® is a global non-profit labelling scheme backed by green organisations such as the WWF, Greenpeace and Forests of the World. Social organisations and businesses around the world also support the work of the FSC.

FSC® C068191

Indoor climate is important for health and wellbeing

HTH believes people should not just accept a bad indoor climate. A large part of HTH’s kitchen range therefore carries the Danish Indoor Climate label. This sets requirements for materials during their use phase, and focuses on what substances are released indoors. The label guarantees that all the materials we use in our kitchens have been tested for degassing and odour, and assessed for irritation effects.

Indoor Climate label is backed by the Danish Technological Institute

The Danish Indoor Climate label is a voluntary scheme for construction products, fixtures and furniture, managed by the Danish Technological Institute. The tests are conducted by impartial experts in an external laboratory. It offers the best guarantee that your home will have a good indoor climate.

Our action areas

HTH works with sustainability in five action areas, each of which addresses a number of the UN’s 17 sustainable development goals.




Climate initiatives that last


Environmental and circular materials


Sustainable corporate culture


We support a sustainable lifestyle

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