A kitchen designed for large families with ample storage and exquisite details

Rikke and Kristoffer, an architect couple, have created a kitchen-dining area in their suburban home that caters to their large family. Join them as they share their insights on kitchen design, layout, colours, and installation, and learn how they achieved the perfect balance of style and functionality for their family's needs.

Considerations before starting
their kitchen transformation

Rikke and Kristoffer embarked on a quest to find the ideal kitchen for their new home, guided by a clear vision from the start. Their goal was to create a kitchen that could accommodate their large family, offering ample storage space and luxurious details that would elevate the overall design.

Vibrant kitchen design

With their penchant for incorporating wood elements throughout their new house, it was only fitting for Rikke and Kristoffer to select a kitchen colour that would complement the natural tones.

Colour schemes for your kitchen design

A kitchen with stylish design choices

Aesthetics play a crucial role for Rikke and Kristoffer, who appreciate a clean and minimalist aesthetic. Hence, opting for a handle-less kitchen was a natural choice for their spacious family kitchen.

Bringing your kitchen design to life

Rikke and Kristoffer relied on the expertise of HTH's kitchen experts to bring their vision of a kitchen for their large family to life. They opted for a complete installation solution from HTH, ensuring a seamless and professional execution of their kitchen project.

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