Functional dream kitchen

Trine Glidov and Arne Molberg embarked on a quest across Denmark to find the perfect supplier for their new kitchen. Their search led them to HTH Lyngby, where they received expert assistance in designing their dream kitchen that combines functionality and style.

The home of Trine Glidov and Arne Molberg

Trine and Arne reside in their meticulously renovated 260 m2 villa situated in Annisse, near Helsinge.

Trine is a co-owner of ASICO, a reputable security company based in Kolding. Meanwhile, Arne serves as the CEO of Kvadrat Softcells, a renowned manufacturer of exquisite acoustic ceilings showcased in the photographs.

"We brought our vision to life"

- Trine

Functionality, spaciousness, and light were the guiding principles for Trine and Arne during the renovation of their villa. The kitchen, situated in a new extension with an impressive ceiling height of five and a half meters, perfectly embodies these concepts. Despite the industrial materials used, the acoustics are impeccable, thanks to the couple's choice of efficient and visually appealing acoustic ceilings from Kvadrat Softcells, where Arne serves as the CEO.

Trine and Arne personally designed every aspect of the house, paying meticulous attention to even the smallest details. Trine, despite lacking a formal design background, drew on her experience working with client drawings to create the kitchen.

Functionality was the driving force behind the kitchen's design. Trine, an avid cook, prioritized efficiency above all else. Utilizing materials like Corian, burnished steel, and Black Oak, the couple achieved their vision.

Trine highlights the advantages of each material: Corian is low-maintenance, Black Oak hides greasy fingerprints well, and burnished steel, despite requiring more care, possesses a captivating beauty that evolves over time, telling a unique story.

"We have thoroughly explored numerous kitchen retailers across denmark."

- Trine

Trine and Arne conducted extensive research before finalizing their exclusive kitchen design.

"We visited practically every kitchen retailer in Denmark - from Hillerød to Herning. However, it was Usman Akhtar from HTH Lyngby who won the project. He stood out by listening, understanding, and providing valuable guidance without overselling. This was crucial for a DIY designer like me," Trine explains.

"While many salespeople tried to push unnecessary features, Usman focused on our desires and ideas. He helped us bring everything together and ensured that we stayed within our budget. His approach was to prioritize visible elements, which was a great decision," Trine adds.

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