The ergonomic kitchen

Room for diversity
The kitchen has evolved to become the heart of the home, a hub of activity where we cook, converse, and connect. Beyond just a space for culinary endeavours, it's a key social zone that should cater to both work and relaxation. As people's lifestyles and needs vary, the design and functionality of the kitchen should reflect this diversity.

In settings like nursing homes and institutions, the challenge is further amplified. Here, a kitchen isn't just serving a family but a community with a multitude of preferences and abilities. Whether it's crafting a space suitable for a bustling daycare or ensuring ergonomic accessibility for wheelchair users, the design must be both inclusive and versatile. Additionally, it's essential to meet the safety and occupational health standards for the caregivers and staff. In essence, a well-designed kitchen balances aesthetics, functionality, and inclusivity.

Flexible solutions
At HTH, our primary goal is to craft flexible and adaptive solutions that cater to a broad spectrum of needs. Achieving this requires deep understanding—understanding of the individual user's lifestyle, preferences, and daily routines, as well as the spatial opportunities and constraints presented by the room.

This understanding is the foundation upon which we build. Our diverse selection of cabinets and worktops, many of which offer height-adjustable features, are designed with adaptability in mind. Our consultants, equipped with this depth of knowledge, are ever-prepared to guide you in shaping a space that embodies optimal ergonomic conditions, ensuring both comfort and functionality.

Expert advice
In our work with custom kitchens, we have partnered with Pressalit Care, specialists in kitchen and bathroom solutions for the healthcare industry.

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