The strongest kitchen customer program for craftsmen

Partnering with HTH means aligning with an industry leader, renowned for its extensive experience in providing kitchen, bathroom, utility room, and wardrobe solutions to craftsmen and the project market. What sets HTH apart are numerous factors, but they all converge on one paramount aspect: our unwavering commitment to professional service, designed to simplify your daily operations.

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Get more benefits and higher earnings

With HTH's customer program for craftsmen, you are best equipped to compete in the installation and sale of kitchens.

HTH has long been the top choice for craftsmen when it comes to kitchen supplies. Recognizing the nuances of your trade, we've crafted our offerings to cater specifically to your needs. We continuously refine our services, ensuring you're positioned favorably in the competitive landscape. That's why we've developed a customer program tailored for our craftsman clientele.

This program caters to professionals engaged in the installation and sale of kitchens, bathrooms, and wardrobes who value a strong alliance with their local HTH store. As a dedicated partner, you'll gain access to a myriad of perks, services, and competitive pricing. Experience Denmark's most comprehensive suite of advantages, streamlining your kitchen projects. Let us handle the intricacies, freeing you to concentrate on your core business.


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With a network of dealers and stores throughout the Nordic countries, HTH is always accessible and ready to assist you.

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