Efficient delivery for house construction

For both home buyers and builders, the power of choice is paramount. At HTH, we offer a diverse product range that caters to every aesthetic and need. For builders, it's vital to address every requirement and wish. Whether it's a house or an apartment, we can tailor solutions to align with the buyer's taste, budget, and unique preferences.

Experienced consultants with permanent affiliation
Our dedicated consultants, with their vast experience, work closely with you throughout the project. This continuous partnership guarantees a smooth furniture integration process. These consultants also maintain strong relationships with your construction managers and installers, further ensuring an efficient building journey.

High-quality proposal material
"The proposal materials provided by HTH are of superior quality, minimizing potential misunderstandings or disputes with builders or suppliers. This ensures smoother project execution and significantly lowers the risk of non-profitable endeavours.

We take care of the entire inventory delivery
HTH manages the full scope of inventory delivery – from initial measurements and customer consultations to providing detailed plans for electricians and plumbers, and finally, overseeing delivery and installation.

Guarantee and tender rules
HTH offers construction warranties and performance assessments in line with the Construction Evaluation Center's standards for public construction ventures. Additionally, our seasoned project managers are well-versed in the bidding regulations and the AB92/AB93 guidelines.

Delivery reliability
On-time delivery is paramount for the success of any project. To guarantee this, we've set up a robust delivery logistics system that consistently meets delivery timelines. We meticulously oversee and document this approach, ensuring a smooth progression, efficacy, and transparent communication.

Similarly, peace of mind is assured with a dedicated consultant to coordinate installations, deliveries, and more. We stand by our commitment to see a project through to its completion — ensuring all components are perfectly set up and any issues or discrepancies are resolved. Should any challenges arise with the delivery, we're always on hand with a solution.

Good service for your customers
We sit down with your clients to understand their preferences and requirements. Offering a diverse array of choices, we aim to transform their vision into their dream kitchen. For those seeking a touch of luxury in their design, our consultants are adept at integrating solutions with uno form® products.


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