Selecting a kitchen solution for institutions involves balancing budget, legalities, design, and ergonomics. With HTH's comprehensive approach, we offer an all-inclusive kitchen package. Beyond delivering and installing HTH components, we also handle associated tasks like plumbing and painting, ensuring a holistic solution.

Large-scale operation or child-friendly?

Do you envision a space where children can actively participate, or a fully professional kitchen equipped to serve numerous meals daily? HTH will guide you towards a solution that mirrors your institution's philosophy on food and cooking. We'll infuse your personal essence, all while ensuring compliance with legal standards and guidelines pertinent to institutional kitchens.

Durable kitchens

HTH kitchens are crafted for heavy-duty and long-term use. Built with ultra-durable surfaces approved for institutional settings, they prioritize easy cleaning and maintenance. With such unwavering confidence in our quality, we proudly offer a 5-year warranty.

Caring for the environment

Opting for HTH is a step towards environmental responsibility. At our Ølgod factory, we prioritize eco-conscious kitchen production, meticulously selecting materials that are gentle on the environment and foster a healthy workspace. Our wood, panels, adhesives, and finishes are chosen with utmost care.

Choose an indoor climate-labeled kitchen

We're committed to ensuring superior indoor air quality, whether it's in homes or in childcare settings. A significant portion of HTH kitchens proudly bears the Dansk Indeklima Mærkning (Danish Indoor Climate Label). This certification signifies that the kitchen has undergone rigorous testing for emissions and odor variations from various substances. Managed by the Technical Institute, the Dansk Indeklima Mærkning is a voluntary initiative for building materials, furniture, and fixtures. Additionally, HTH holds both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications, affirming that our quality, environmental practices, and occupational health and safety standards have met and surpassed the expectations of authoritative certifying entities.

How to get started

We offer comprehensive expertise, encompassing consultation and project management throughout the journey. The best approach is to reach out and set up a no-obligation meeting, allowing us to understand your kitchen needs and preferences in detail. Whether you prefer to call, email a nearby business department, or directly book a meeting through this website, we're here to assist.


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With a network of dealers and stores throughout the Nordic countries, HTH is always accessible and ready to assist you.

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