Responsible procurement

Responsible procurement

It is essential that we have good relationships with our suppliers if they are to meet our demands for responsible manufacturing and sustainability. We are therefore constantly working to establish open and effective collaboration with our suppliers.

We work with our suppliers in a structured way

We have centralised procurement to ensure that we have a structured approach to setting requirements, monitoring and developing our suppliers. All of our materials and components have been precisely specified, and suppliers are evaluated and inspected in accordance with their guidelines. In addition, 99% of our direct material suppliers are located in Europe, while the rest are located in Asia. Global supplier chains can carry risks that we are actively working to prevent. We therefore report on our work and results annually in accordance with conventions, legislation and other agreements.

Suppliers must fulfil our code of conduct

To ensure responsible procurement, we have introduced a code of conduct for suppliers. This regulates and defines HTH’s requirements for suppliers in relation to working conditions, human rights, business ethics and environmental concerns. Based on factors such as country of production, production process, product type and materials, we evaluate the risk of violations and how often we need to perform inspections. The code is supported by regular risk analyses, statements and evaluation, and an anonymous channel for reporting violations

Our initiatives cover the entire supply chain

Our responsible procurement initiatives allow us to analyse and prevent risks in our supply chain. To reduce sustainability risks in the supply chain, we also ask our suppliers to communicate with their relevant sub-suppliers. This ensures that our initiatives cover the entire supply chain, and ultimately that our products meet all our requirements.

Our action areas

HTH works with sustainability in five action areas, each of which addresses a number of the UN’s 17 sustainable development goals.




Climate initiatives that last


Environmental and circular materials


Sustainable corporate culture


We support a sustainable lifestyle


FSC and indoor climate labelling

We are dedicated to Kitchen Love,
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