Environmental and circular materials

Environmental and circular materials

We select our materials based on strict environmental requirements, and work with circular solutions and conservation of natural resources. We also continually look at how we can optimise our use of materials, to best utilise our resources, for the benefit of the environment and climate.

A durable kitchen that can be easily revitalised

HTH has always focused on creating kitchens that really last, and a long life time is one of the factors that has a major impact on climate footprint. Yet it is also natural for one’s tastes to change over time. We have therefore made it easy to give new life to our kitchens. This can be done, for example, by replacing doors or worktops.

Recycling comes naturally to us

We are constantly looking for new ways to increase the proportion of recycled material. We recycle waste wood from sawmills and forestry, and from worn-out furniture and wood products. The majority of the wooden elements we use thus have an average recycled wood component of about 30%. We also design our kitchens so that they are easy to recycle.

All our wood comes from sustainable forestry

Our products consist mainly of wood, which is a sustainable, recyclable and durable material. All our wood comes from sustainable sources, and 97% of these are certified. We are working to increase this proportion, so that 100% of our wood carries a certification such as FSC.

We minimise packaging and waste

We are working to reduce the environmental impact from packaging materials, such as plastics derived from fossil fuels. We are also working to reduce the volume of waste from production and make our flows more circular. This means that about 63% of our waste wood and 73% of other waste can already be used in new products.

Our entire production is being environmentally certified

We are working systematically in all our production streams to reduce our environmental impact. They are therefore already environmentally certified under the ISO 14001 standard, or in the process of becoming so. This is the most widely recognised eco-management standard. We have also invested in new equipment carrying the Nordic Swan ecolabel. This new equipment allows us to meet demand for darker colours, while fulfilling our stringent environment and quality requirements for our kitchens.

Our action areas

HTH works with sustainability in five action areas, each of which addresses a number of the UN’s 17 sustainable development goals.




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We support a sustainable lifestyle

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FSC and indoor climate labelling

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