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A HTH wardrobe with sliding doors is a practical and functional solotion, which is suitable for every room in the house. Because doors slide to side, and not opens into the room, you will be able to utilise the space and get good storage solutions.

Walk-in-closet | HTH
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5 steps to the perfect design

When designing your wardrobe with sliding doors, there are 5 steps on the way to the perfect result.

1. Profile
When choosing the profile of the sliding door, it is the frame around the door filling that you have to decide on. Choose from four different profiles.

2. Filling
The filling of the sliding door is the material that the door itself is made of. You must therefore decide which colours and materials you want.

3. Corpus
The body of the cabinet forms the sides and top of the sliding door wardrobe. You are the designer and can freely choose in our range.

4. Inventory
The furniture is the cupboard shelves and interior walls. You decide whether the furniture and body should match or be in different colours.

5. Decor
The design of the sliding door wardrobe must be based on functionality. What should the cabinet be used for, and what wishes do you have?


When you need to assemble your HTH cabinet, you can choose from a wide range of sliding doors, shelves, drawers and much more. It allows you to not only match your wants and needs, but also your budget. We have no standard solutions, but in order for you to get an insight into the price, we have set up three examples of cabinet cabinets with sliding doors.

Get help arranging, planning and calculating the price of your sliding door solution by one of HTH's skilled and competent consultants.


A wardrobe with sliding doors is incredibly suitable for any type of storage. Use sliding doors for wardrobes or walk in closet in the bedroom, in the bathroom, in the children's room, in the office, as a cover for technical rooms ... it is only the imagination that sets limits.

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Hallway and utility room

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Living room

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Room divider

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Sliding doors


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Child’s room

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Sloping ceilings

A wardrobe with sliding doors can utilize all hooks

A cabinet with sliding doors can be adapted to your space so that it utilizes the space optimally. It does not matter how sloping or skewed your walls are - the carpentry and fixtures adapt to the skew of the house.