Andrea Brodin's dream kitchen

Andrea Brodin, a Swedish interior design expert and influencer, found her dream kitchen in the Focus VH7 model. Take a look at the pictures and hear her thoughts on colour choices and interior design.

Andrea Brodin

Andrea Brodin, an interior design expert and TV personality, is the author of the book "Gör om hemma" and a mother of three. With a strong presence on Instagram and one of Sweden's largest interior design blogs, she has gained a following of 27,000 people.

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Discover how Andrea Brodin brought her kitchen dream to life

Andrea's top 3 kitchen tips

for those planning a new kitchen:

1: Careful planning is crucial when it comes to utilizing your kitchen space effectively. Where do you typically position yourself to chop vegetables in the kitchen? Is it possible to walk past the dishwasher when its door is open? What measures can be taken to ensure those using the kitchen maintain a comfortable and ergonomic working position? What is the ideal distance between the refrigerator and workspace in the kitchen?

2: To ensure you have electrical outlets exactly where you need them in your kitchen, it's a wise idea to create a detailed drawing or plan. Having electrical outlets on the kitchen island creates a convenient workspace where you can seamlessly use small appliances or charge devices without any restrictions.

3: When planning your kitchen cabinets, take some time to consider what items you want to store in each cabinet and how you can optimize the space.


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