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A smart and functional wardrobe layout gives great satisfaction every day.

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Good wardrobe layout ensures that everything is in order

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HTH’s large range of wardrobe interior options makes it easy to customise your wardrobe so it matches your wishes and needs. 

Explore this site or visit our wardrobe gallery for even more inspiration on how to organise your wardrobe.


You can organise your wardrobe to perfectly fit your needs. Your wardrobe layout helps you keep your wardrobe in order and makes it easy to get dressed. Make sure that the combination of shelves, drawers and hanging space matches your needs. Start by considering the following five things:  

1. What will you store in the wardrobe?

The first step in designing your wardrobe is to work out how much clothing, accessories and shoes it has to store.

Is 1-2 sections enough, or do you need many more to keep your wardrobe organised? Make sure you choose a wardrobe that has enough space for your things.

2. Hangers prevent wrinkled clothing

Hangers make it easy to grab your clothes, and save you having to fold all the laundry. Dresses, suits and collared shirts should ideally be on hangers to stay wrinkle-free. Make sure you have enough hanger space for your delicate clothes.

Tip: Set the hanger rod high to avoid having too many shelves at the top of the unit, which can be hard to reach.

Garderobeskabe | HTH
Garderobeskabe | HTH

3. Drawers provide an easy overview

Pull-out drawers make it easier to organise things in the lower part of your wardrobe. Wire basket drawers are available that can be easily pulled out. These are great for storing underwear, socks and small accessories.  

4. Space
saving shelves

Adding shelves to your wardrobe allows you to store a lot of clothes in a small space. If you have a lot of clothes, shelves are indispensable. Pale shelves can make the space look larger, while wood veneer shelves give the wardrobe interior an exclusive touch.  

Tip: Leave plenty of space between the shelves, so you can easily see what is on them.

5. Organising the top section of your wardrobe

The top shelves can be hard to reach. It is a good idea to put clothes here that you do not wear very often. For example, the top shelves can be a good place to store summer or winter clothes.

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You should think about where you place your wardrobe in the room. Consider natural lighting, floor space and any unevenness in the floor or walls.

Find out more in our wardrobe guide.


The hallway is the first room you set foot in on arriving home. This is also where you welcome your guests. Take the opportunity to create a good first impression of your home at the front door.

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Find prices for wardrobe interior elements

We have put all our wardrobe interior elements in our HTH price list, so you can easily find prices for the accessories to perfectly organise your wardrobe. See Wardrobes – accessories.

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Get expert advice

There are many options for organising your wardrobe in a smart and functional way that you will love each time you open the doors.

If you need input and ideas on how to best organise your wardrobe, you can get help from our expert consultants at no charge.

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