The bathroom sink is central to a functional bathroom, but it is also a key element of its aesthetic look. Do you want it to be square, integrated, enamelled? See our guide to choosing a sink here.

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Choose the right bathroom sink

There are many options when choosing a new sink. You have to decide on:

– Shape and size
– Material and colour
– Overflow, tap hole and pop-up waste
– Type of mounting
– Maintenance

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The shape of the bathroom

A sink helps define the style of your bathroom. A round sink creates a soft, romantic look. A square sink can make the style more minimalist and sharp. An oval sink is the compromise option which embraces both looks.

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Double sink for large families

If you have a large family and only one bathroom, there can be a lot of jostling around the sink in the morning. One person needs to brush their teeth, while another needs to shave, and someone else needs to put on makeup. If you experience this scenario, and the bathroom layout allows it, we recommend you install a double-sink.

Tips for small bathrooms

The proportions match best when you choose a small sink for a small bathroom. A wall-mounted sink or a sink standing on a table are often good solutions. The latter is usually a small sink, which does not take up unnecessary space. This solution also gives you handy storage space under the sink.

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Materials for the sink

We offer sinks in a range of materials, so you can choose the one that best suits your taste and needs.

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A porcelain sink has a lovely, glossy finish and a timeless expression, which perfectly matches a romantic or minimalist bathroom.



A Corian® sink is very wear-resistant and requires only minimal maintenance. Corian® is a sealed material that is resistant to stains, and if scratches appear they can be sanded away. If you choose dark Corian®, be aware that any scratches will be more visible than in light Corian®.



If you choose Graphalit®, you get a sink made of a solid material that is resistant to chemicals and acidic products. This makes Graphalit® a highly cleaning-friendly material. The surface is slightly glossy because the material has quartz glass added.


CoreStone is a solid dyed-through material, available in a range of colours. The material is both attractive and wear-resistant for sinks. CoreStone sinks require only a minimum of maintenance, and scratches can be polished away.


Enamelled steel

An enamelled steel sink is lightweight but extremely rugged. The surface is completely sealed and non-porous, making the sink both hygienic and wear-resistant. The enamel results in a slightly shiny surface that makes the sink attractive and inviting. 

Colour range

A black or white sink matches most materials. Many prefer a white sink, which is easy to keep clean. Lime stains and toothpaste residues are much less visible than in a black or coloured sink.

However, a black sink can give your bathroom an exciting new look. In a subdued bathroom, a black sink can be a great eye-catcher.

Pop-up waste and overflow

A sink without a pop-up waste can offer design advantages. However, if you want to be able to fill the sink up to quickly rinse out a stain or hand wash some clothes, choose a sink with a pop-up waste.

Note that an overflow hole ensures that the sink can release water if it is overfilled. This prevents water from flowing onto the worktop and floor. If you choose a sink without an overflow hole, it is mandatory to have a drain directly under the sink.

With or without a tap hole

There has to be a good match between the mixer tap and sink. If you choose a sink with a tap hole, the mixer tap must fit this.

If you choose a sink without a tap hole, make sure to choose a mixer tap that matches the height of the sink.

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Sink mounting

You can choose different methods for mounting your sink. Each will affect the aesthetic look of the sink.

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Top-mounted sink

Placing a sink on top of a table creates associations with the old days, when running water was not commonplace. A top-mounted sink is more eye-catching and creates almost a sculptural look, while maximising the available storage space.


Wall-mounted sink

A bathroom sink that stands alone offers a highly minimalist look, but is less convenient if you need storage space. The solution is good for a small guest bathroom, or a bathroom where you have space for tall units or other furniture with storage space.


Recessed sink

A recessed sink is mounted in a hole in the worktop. The sink overlaps the worktop, such that the edge of the sink creates a visual boundary between the sink and worktop.  

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Integrated sink

A sink can be integrated into the worktop of your bathroom furniture. This reduces some of the available storage space in the unit.  However an integrated sink results in a simple and stylish look, where the worktop and sink flow together.

Can I install the sink myself?

You can change the sink yourself if you have the necessary knowledge. An undermounted sink must be installed from underneath the worktop. It therefore takes precision to make the sink and worktop fit together, and a special cut-out in the worktop.

If only the sink needs to be changed in the bathroom, and the hole from the previous sink is the same size, you can easily change the sink. Make sure to remove the drain from the old sink.

It is very important that you remember to mount the drain correctly on the new sink. Then seal around the sink, so that no water can enter between the sink and the worktop.

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Sink maintenance

We recommend that you wipe down your sink every day to avoid limescale deposits. Additional maintenance depends on the material your sink is made of. Most materials can be easily maintained using a cleaning agent and cloth.  In the case of Corian® and CoreStone, you can clean the entire sink and worktop using a cleaning agent that contains a mild abrasive.