Choose the right handles for your bathroom

A bathroom has to be functional, look good and be a pleasant room to be in. Your choice of unit handle can be the last detail that completes the bathroom.

Bathroom handles

Once you have chosen your bathroom furniture, the next step is to complete the style and give the room its final finish by choosing the unit handles.

Before choosing, consider the following three things:

– What style are you aiming for?
– What matches your bathroom furniture?
– Which handle is most user-friendly for you?

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Different types of bathroom handles

There are many different types of bathroom handles. We have compiled the variants here:

Handles are available in materials such as wood, aluminium, steel, leather, marble and brass. You can therefore find exactly what suits your style. All HTH handles have a 5-year guarantee and comply with nickel testing.

Underscore the style of your bathroom

If you dream of a specific style for your bathroom, handles can help underscore a modern, classic, romantic or other look.

For example, knob handles are perfect for the Sense bathroom model, and complement the charming French style.

Harmony Dark | HTH
Handles | HTH Sense | HTH

The joy is in the details

If your bathroom has only white hues and natural materials, it can beautifully complement the look to use handles in a metal colour. You can also create a modern look with dark bathroom units and brass handles.

You may wish to match the material and colour of your unit handles with your mixer tap, pop-up waste, shower fittings, mirror frame, soap dispenser, etc.

Find materials for your bathroom

Functionality and aesthetic must go hand in hand

You should consider functionality when designing your bathroom, as it is the combination of practical convenience and aesthetics that creates well-being.

On the functional side, you should therefore consider the size of your handles compared to the size and weight of your unit doors and drawers. Small knob handles work best with light doors, while you should choose a long handle for a heavy drawer.

See all our handles in the Fronts and Accessories catalogue

Harmony Dark | HTH
Nordic Spirit Natura Oak | HTH Opbevaringskasser | HTH

Does your bathroom need spicing up?

New handles are a cheap and easy way to pep up your drawers and units. This little detail changes the overall look and may be the breath of fresh air that your bathroom needs.

A new mirror, new towels or plants are other budget-friendly tips for freshening up your bathroom.

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