Laws and regulations

We always ensure compliance with laws and regulations in our projects. For your convenience, we have summarised the most important laws and regulations here. As a resident, you can also read about your options for getting new installations such as bathrooms and kitchens in your rental property.

Collective right of modification
The collective right of modification allows the housing department to adopt certain improvements according to the individual tenant's wishes, potentially in vacant flats or temporary kitchens. In these cases, the department finances the expenses. As a resident, you can vote in favour of the "collective right of modification" without necessarily getting a new kitchen if you don't wish to. Once the policy is adopted, it's optional whether you want a new kitchen or not. What you're voting for is the possibility of having one. If you vote against the "collective right of modification," you may be depriving your neighbour of the opportunity.
If the collective right of modification is not adopted in the housing association, you can purchase a kitchen through the individual right of modification.

Individual right of modification

The individual right of modification allows tenants in public housing to decide for themselves what changes they want. The tenant is responsible for arranging and financing the work. If you wish to finance your own kitchen project, HTH offers both complete solutions where we take care of everything, or Do-It-Yourself solutions.

Collective Improvements

The housing meeting can decide to carry out improvements in all flats. In these cases, the department finances the expenses.

Installation right

Here, the tenant has the right to make standard installations of household appliances. The tenant finances the expenses themselves and is also responsible for maintenance.


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