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In shaping HTH's cabinet program, the demands of daily cabinet usage have been our primary focus. We are committed to using only top-tier mechanical components in our cabinets. As a result, we partner exclusively with suppliers who can substantiate the safety and longevity of their products against everyday wear and tear.


HTH's cabinet range boasts a clip-on hinge system with a 107° opening angle. This hinge is not just technically efficient but also facilitates easy door removal and installation without necessitating tools. Additionally, the hinge offers tri-directional adjustability. For those who prefer an enhanced touch, our 107° hinges — or the cabinet-side counterparts — can be upgraded with a soft-close feature. If you're seeking wider accessibility, 170° clip-on hinges are available for an additional charge.

Moreover, when it comes to drawer runners, pull-outs, and other kitchen fittings, we prioritize using materials that have consistently proven their durability and functionality.


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