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Find inspiration and ideas for your new wardrobe at HTH

At HTH you will find a lot of inspiration and ideas for your new wardrobe. Whether you are looking for a new wardrobe, a new walk-in or a classic wardrobe with sliding doors, we guarantee you that with us you will find the design and the wardrobe to match your needs and your home.

Timeless, Pure-style Wardrobe Design

HTH wardrobes succeed in creating synergy between functionality and design. A timeless and pure-style solution, which meets your personal needs and forms the framework for the perfect wardrobe in your home.

Explore and Get Inspiration to Be Creative

Go on a hunt for ideas for your new wardrobe and let yourself be inspired by our great range of wardrobe configurations. We have wardrobes and wardrobe interiors for both the minimalist and the romantic.

Inspiration Catalogue

Here you will find numerous inspiring examples of configurations – get the better of the standard configuration – only your fantasy is the limit for the maximum utilisation of your room.

Why Choose a Wardrobe from HTH?

You are the designer

HTH's wardrobes are much more than just wardrobes. We free your hands to set up a nice and functional wardrobe, which you will enjoy for years to come.

We will integrate the wardrobe configuration into your home, while at the same time allowing it to keep its traditional function. Our wardrobe configuration will match any style and need, and regardless of whether you are looking for a big or a small wardrobe – you will find it HTH.

See the numerous material options available


 Get Advice Close To You

Find a lot of inspiration and get ideas about the wardrobe in your home at HTH. We have stores all over the country where you and your family can find the wardrobe configuration that fits exactly your home and your family’s needs. Visit one of our stores and have a look at the extensive product range of wardrobes, wardrobe interiors and wardrobe configurations.

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Let HTH help you find out what opportunities you have considering your needs and the size of the room.

We can help with the following:

✓ Identifying your needs
✓ Material choices and available options
✓ Measurement
✓ Security and safety

Wardrobe Guide

Wardrobe with slidingdoors | HTH

Sliding Doors

With storage behind sliding doors you have the opportunity to utilise each and every square metre of your room.



Have a look at the smart interior configurations, which give you a great view into the inside of the wardrobe and order in both your wardrobe and your everyday life.