Sustainability is a very important area for us. We want to contribute to a sustainable future by helping our customers to live more sustainable lives in the kitchen. Furthermore, we want to minimize any negative impact from our products and processes on people and the planet. Our ambition is to continually improve the environmental credentials of our products and operations. Our way of working:

We listen to our stakeholders
We have an ongoing dialogue with our stakeholders, such as investors, consumers, business to business customers, employees, partners, civil society, among others. Structured and constant listening to their needs, expectations and requirements helps us develop good value, high-quality products enabling a sustainable lifestyle today and tomorrow. Stakeholders’ expectations, along with our own strategic assessment, serve as a basis for the priorities chosen for our sustainability work.

Sustainability is a key focus in our product development
Our biggest impact comes through the products we sell and the way they’re used. We want to contribute to a more sustainable development by helping our customers to live more sustainable lives in the kitchen. Sustainability is therefore a key issue in product innovation and product development.

We promote responsibility for people and planet in our sourcing
Through collaboration we aim to enhance supplier relationships, ensure the highest quality standards and create a sustainable supply chain. We carry out systematic supplier audits to avert social, ecological and ethical risks in the procurement process and to induce suppliers to improve their sustainability work.

We think of sustainability in our choice of material
Wood is the main components of our products. Wood is a good material from a quality and environmental perspective, if it is legally produced and comes from responsibly managed forests. Our wood suppliers are mainly in Europe, and all of them must comply with the EU Timber Regulation and our group wide forest management policy. We also strive to increase the proportion of wood material from environmental and socially certified sources.

We are committed to achieving excellence in Health, Safety and Environment
Our production process follows a target-based Lean method and includes systematic environmental, health and safety work to prevent accidents in the workplace, reduce energy consumption and raw material use, limiting the use of hazardous chemicals and reduce emissions and waste. We proactively strive to create a corporate culture in which everybody work to make reality of our vision of zero accident in production.

We are part of Nobia AB, Europe’s leading kitchen specialist. This enables us to leverage on group wide processes for sustainability integration in to business and operation. Please find more about our sustainability work here