Optimal Arrangement for Your Wardrobe

Create your own personal universe behind the wardrobe doors.

With HTH’s extensive interior programme you get numerous options to arrange your wardrobe according to your wishes and needs.

Smart and Practical Storage

You have easy access to your shirts and trousers thanks to our smart pull-out system and anger rails, which can be placed on many different levels –all according to your requirements.

HTH also has a wide selection of drawers and wire baskets for storing, for example, socks and T-shirts.

Inspiration Brochure

Download our interior brochure and be inspired.

Wardrobe trouses

Trouser Storage

Enough with the trousers ordered in rows that you cannot keep track of. With our hanger rails you get to have a practical system in your wardrobe.

Wardrobe interiør

Storage in Drawers

Individually customised drawers with flexible storage space so that you can find practical joy in everyday life. 

Wardrobe shoes

Shoe Storage

Get your shoes and boots in order. We offer a wide selection of shoe storage solutions for your wardrobe.