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Solid oak kitchen with finger-tapped drawers

The new Nordic Creation is based on the best craft traditions and the joy of the natural expression.

The characteristic, finger-tapped drawers, in combination with the open drawer look, give the Nordic Creation kitchen an elegant lightness.

Black VH-7 handle grooves emphasize the look and make it easy to open the beautiful wooden drawers.

  • Solid Oak
  • Finger-tapped drawers
  • Designed for VH-7 handle grooves

Facts about model Nordic Creation

Nordic Creation is made of finger-jointed drawers, made of 1.4 cm solid oak with horizontal grain. The surface is treated with wear-resistant clear varnish.

Choice of materials

Nordic Creation comes in one colour:

Nordic Creation Natur Eg

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Nordic Creation

Let your fingers run across the grain as you enjoy the dedicated craftsmanship of HTH’s new Nordic Creation with finger-tappede drawers made in solid Oak.

VH-7 Concept

Our popular VH-7 handle grooves ensures that no dust enters the drawers when you choose the new Nordic Creations open wooden drawer look.

VH-7 ensures you a good grip in even with a heavy wooden drawers and cabinets. The handle grooves can be placed both horizontally and vertically, and can be used for a selection of our kitchen models.


Finger-tapped drawers

The basic element of Nordic Creation is the finger-tapped drawers in solid oak. The Beautiful wooden drawers complete the quality experience that the kitchen exudes.

The finger-tapped drawers are made in the best craft tradition. The drawers, which can be arranged in many ways, are of course fully extended, so it is easy to see and get to the contents.




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