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Sturdy simplicity in the kitchen

The new Base model is a sturdy kitchen with Fenix laminate surfaces, for those who love the colours of nature. Base comes in 6 matt colours, and the design perfectly matches fronts made of natural materials.

Fenix laminate has the big advantage that the material is soft to the touch, and any small scratches that you might make in the surface can be easily repaired using a thermal treatment.

When you choose Base for your kitchen, you get:

  • A very wear-resistant door
  • No maintenance and easy cleaning
  • Exciting colour options

Facts about model Base

Base Laminate is made of 1.9 cm board coated with matt high-pressure laminate on the front and colour-matched high pressure laminate on the back. The door has colour-matched matt acrylic edging. Available in six selected laminate colours.

Choice of materials

Model Base is available in the following colours:


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