Lighting in the kitchen

To get the most out of your kitchen, you need to choose the right lighting. We hope this guide helps you get the most out of your kitchen.

Three types of kitchen lighting

Lighting is probably not the first thing you think of when you dream of a new kitchen. But it is a good idea to think about lighting from the outset, because it has a big impact on the atmosphere in the kitchen.

You basically need to consider three types of lighting:

General lighting | Work lighting | Mood lighting

General lighting

The role of general kitchen lighting is to illuminate every corner of the kitchen. It is practical lighting, typically mounted on the ceiling, which provides good basic lighting.

Good ceiling lighting makes it easier to see what you have in your units and drawers, and to not miss any dirt when cleaning.

Work lighting

Good work lighting is indispensable when working in the kitchen. It must be bright and have the right hue, so that you can see all the details.

Work lighting is often placed under your wall units as LED spots or light rails. Light rails can be integrated into the wall units, serving as both a light source and a handle, or they can be attached as strips underneath the wall units.

Pendant lights also create good work lighting when placed directly above the worktop. You can control your lights using dimmers to change work lighting into mood lighting.

Mood lighting

Soft mood lighting adds atmosphere and personality to your kitchen and can be achieved in several ways. 

If you have a small kitchen, you can use dimmers to turn work lighting into pleasant mood lighting. If you have more space, mood lighting can be several small lamps in a corner or an elegant lamp stand.

Unleash your creativity when choosing mood lighting for your kitchen.

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Think about the lighting from the outset

To achieve optimal kitchen lighting, you must plan this into your kitchen design from the outset.

Book a free design meeting and get advice on the lighting when we draw your new kitchen.

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How should your kitchen look like?

Are you dreaming about a white or coloured kitchen? Do you want the style to be modern or romantic? You decide.

We have gathered all our kitchen models for you to get the best overview.

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LED lighting in the kitchen

LED lighting in the kitchen offers pleasant light and great cost advantages.

If you choose LED bulbs for your kitchen, your power consumption will be considerably less than if you choose ‘aesthetic’ incandescent bulbs. It can quickly make a difference to your electricity bill when you use multiple lamps to light your kitchen.

LED bulbs also last longer – and they come in several hue variations, so you can have exactly the warm or cool light you want in your kitchen.

Lighting colour temperature

When choosing kitchen lighting, it is important to be aware of what temperature you want. Colour temperature is the most critical mood factor in the kitchen. You should therefore choose the colour temperature based on what the light will be used for. 

Temperature for practical lighting
If the light is to be used for practical work, it is best to use a neutral white hue in the 3500-4000 kelvin range. 

Temperature for mood lighting
If the light is to be used for atmosphere, it is best to use a warm white hue in the 2600-2900 kelvin range. 

Take control of your lighting
If you choose LED spots with the Multi White feature, you can create just the right atmosphere in the kitchen by adjusting the hue and brightness. If you want to replace the bright white work lighting with warm yellow lighting, just use the app on your mobile.

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Find Inspiration for your kitchen lighting

There are almost no limits when it comes to kitchen lighting today. Get creative and thoroughly investigate what kind of lighting meets your needs.

Still unsure what form your kitchen lighting should take? Visit your local HTH store for further inspiration.

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