Which kitchen units should I choose?

Kitchen units are the foundation of your kitchen, and it is very important that they are correctly organised so you get the most out of your kitchen. The design and choice of kitchen units is therefore about understanding your needs and striking a careful balance between design and functionality. This page can guide you in choosing your kitchen units.

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Make the most of the space in your kitchen

If you have a small kitchen, or simply want to make the most of the available space, consider using wall units or top units that go all the way to the ceiling.

What would otherwise be wasted space between the units and ceiling can be turned into valuable storage space.

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Tall units for the kitchen:
Extra storage space

The kitchen unit that offers the most space is without doubt the tall unit. People need a lot of storage space in their kitchens today because we have more appliances and more kitchen utensils than ever before.

So if you have space for a tall unit, it is the ideal storage solution. These offer plenty of space to store your kitchen appliances, so that they do not take up space on the worktop, or you can use these units to integrate large appliances for a simple and stylish look.

Kitchen doors: What fronts suit your kitchen?

Designing a kitchen is fun – especially the exterior design processes, but you still need to think carefully about usage, maintenance and room size.

For example, some doors need more maintenance and cleaning than others. If you have young children, it is a good idea to have doors that are easy to wipe clean.

If your kitchen is small, it is a good idea to choose pale colours as they make the room seem larger. Also think about the interior design style in the rest of your home and use it as a guide.

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How should you organize your units?

When doing a new kitchen, it can be an art to balance your dreams and your budget. You can save money by choosing shelves instead of drawers.

If you go for tall, top or wall units, it is a particularly good idea to use shelves, because you do not get the full benefit of a drawer when it is up high.

Shelves also offer the advantage that you can easily move them around as needed to make room for everything from tall carafes to your breakfast cereal boxes.

Dreams vs. budget

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Easy access and order

Pull-out trays make it easy to see what you have in your kitchen units, and to find the things you need. So consider using pull-out trays in your base units or tall unit.

When deciding on your drawer layout, you need to take into account your need for storage and easy access.

Tips on choosing drawers

Visit our store and see it all first hand

It can be difficult to imagine which solution will best meet your needs.

It can be a great help to visit a store and touch the materials, be inspired by the layout of the exhibition kitchens, and have a chat with one of our kitchen experts.