5 factors to consider when choosing kitchen handles

Kitchen handles are a little detail with a big impact. They complete the look and functionality of the kitchen. We have therefore compiled a short list of factors you should consider when choosing kitchen handles.

Various types of kitchen handles

There are many different types of handles for kitchen doors and drawers – both classic and more modern styles. You can choose from the following types of handles:

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Knob handles

Focus White Oak Laminate Charcoal Grey | HTH

Slim handles

Handle grooves

Art | HTH


Oslo | HTH

Long handles

Harmony Dark | HTH

Curved handles

Handles are available in materials such as wood, aluminium, steel, leather, marble and brass. You can therefore find exactly what suits your style. All HTH handles have a 5-year guarantee and comply with nickel testing.

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Choose a handle that matches your style

Kitchen handles are a key element of the general look of your kitchen. It enhances the style when unit and draw handles match stylistically.

Create a modern look with a brass handle for your dark kitchen doors, or choose a curved handle to soften the style of a minimalist kitchen.

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Art | HTH
Stockholm | HTH

Think functionality into your choice of kitchen handles

Handles for kitchen doors and drawers should not only have an aesthetic effect. They should also add to the functionality and quality of the kitchen.

Think about how you use the kitchen, as this will have an impact on which unit handles are best in your case. Think about the best shape, size and position for your handles, to make them easy to find.
Tip: Make sure the handle is positioned where your hand automatically reaches

Design your kitchen

The handle must match the door

Your kitchen handles must match the size of the doors and drawers. If you choose a small knob handle for a heavy tall unit, it may look out of place and impractical.

Small knobs are suitable for small, light doors, while a solid or long handle is best for heavy doors with a large surface area.

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Create a common theme using handles

Did you know that all of HTH’s kitchen designs are also available as bathroom units? If you use the same design concept in the different rooms, the result will be a harmonious and familiar look.

You can also create a common theme throughout your home by choosing the same handles in your kitchen, bathroom and utility room.

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Stylish handle-free kitchen

If you dream of a stylish handle-free kitchen, consider using HTH’s VH-7 handle grooves. Match the colour of your handle grooves with your kitchen doors, or choose a completely different colour to create a bold, eye-catching detail.

A handle-free kitchen is an elegant and timeless solution. It also avoids greasy fingerprints on the unit doors, as there is no handle to grab. However, you should be prepared to run a cloth along the handle grooves, as crumbs etc. from the kitchen worktop can fall into the handle groove.

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If you want to freshen up your kitchen without a major renovation, new unit handles are a good solution. Changing the handles is an easy and affordable way to revitalise your old kitchen.

Measure where the holes for your old handles are positioned and the distance between them. The new handles must be able to cover the old holes to get a nice result.

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