Bathroom worktop

Design and practicality are both paramount when choosing a bathroom worktop. Get an overview of materials and options and find the worktop that meets your aesthetic and functional needs.


While the worktop helps define the atmosphere in the bathroom, there are also some practical requirements that it must meet. For example, it must be easy to maintain and withstand water and moisture.


Before you set your heart on a particular worktop, consider the following five factors:

> What material do you dream of?
> What is your budget?
> What sink do you want?
> What style do you want in your bathroom?
> How easy should maintenance be?

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Worktops – from affordable to exclusive

The most affordable choice is a laminate worktop, while a solid wooden worktop is in the middle of the price range. Ceramic, granite and CoreStone are at the exclusive end of the price scale.

The price of your worktop depends on the size and material. Once you know the worktop dimensions, you can get the exact price calculated.

Get an exact price

Nordic Spirit Natura Oak | HTH
Glat Grå | HTH Sense | HTH

What type of sink do you dream of?

Bathroom sinks can be divided into three groups:

> Integrated sinks:
The worktop and sink are cast as a single unit.
> Freestanding sinks:
The sink stands on the worktop.
> Recessed sinks:
The sink is mounted in the worktop.

An integrated sink is a modern and stylish choice that is soothing to look at and lets the chosen material shine through.

With a freestanding or recessed sink, you can create a unique bathroom by mixing and matching worktop materials and sinks.

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One | HTH
Oslo | HTH VH7 Focus | HTH

Romantic or stylish?

Do you want your bathroom to exude a spa atmosphere? Or do you want a stringent, stylish look?

Whatever your tastes, the unit fronts play a key role in the final mood of your bathroom.

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