Your bathroom mixer tap sees a lot of use. Not just by you, but by your family and friends.

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A key element in any bathroom

Like the toilet, the mixer tap is one of the things that is used most frequently in the bathroom. It is therefore worth thinking about which mixer tap best meets your aesthetic and practical requirements. 

We guide you here through the factors you should consider when choosing a mixer tap.

The tap sets the theme

A bathroom mixer tap is not just a tap. It is an element of the bathroom that helps set a design theme.

When choosing a bathroom mixer tap, it is important to take into account your other material choices in the bathroom. If the handles have a matt finish, it is a good idea to choose shower and sink taps made of a similar material. This will give your bathroom a complete and matching look.

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What is most important to you?

Before choosing a new mixer tap, it is a good idea to consider a few practical factors:

Before choosing a new mixer tap, it is a good idea to consider a few practical factors:

– Do you like the idea of having a mixer tap that turns on automatically without you having to touch anything? Then you should choose an electronic mixer tap.

– If you want it to be easy to adjust the water temperature, choose a fixture with one handle rather than two taps.

– An extra tall mixer tap in the bathroom offers more space for your hands or to wash your face after a long day on the move.


Find the right mixer tap

You are sure to find a bathroom mixer tap that meets your wishes and needs. Visit your local HTH store for personal advice on the pros and cons of the various options.

You can also see an overview of the possibilities in the Fronts and Accessories catalogue.

Spice up you bathroom with a new mixer tap

You can rejuvenate your bathroom without changing everything.

If you feel the need for something new, or if the old surfaces are worn, you can easily make your bathroom look new again. Installing a new mixer tap and matching handles can give your old bathroom a new look without much work.

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Benefits of electronic mixer taps

It costs a little more to get an electronic mixer tap. But if offers some extra practical benefits:

It costs a little more to get an electronic mixer tap. But if offers some extra practical benefits:

– offers greater convenience, as you hardly have to do anything to turn on the water. A highly modern choice that also impresses.

– An electronic mixer tap leads to better hygiene. If your hands are dirty, you do not have to touch the tap and pass on bacteria – and your tap stays clean.

– You can save water using an electronic mixer tap, which only turns on when the sensor detects your hands. This avoids unnecessary water waste. This is good for the environment and your budget.

With or without pop-up waste

Some mixer taps come with a pop-up waste. You can close the pop-up waste to hold water in the sink.

This can be a useful option if you need to quickly rinse some clothes or bathe an infant in the sink.

You can purchase a pop-up waste if your mixer tap does not include one.

approved mixer taps

In Denmark, mixer taps must have a VA safety approval. VA-approved mixer taps comply with the health requirements for drinking water quality.

HTH sells only VA safety-approved mixer taps. This means that they have been tested for lead and cadmium emissions, and can be legally connected to drinking water systems.

Can I install the mixer tap myself?

You may change the mixer tap yourself. There are often two taps under the sink, or close by, where you can turn off the water. As a rule, you can assume that you can change anything between these two taps and the mixer tap.

It is important that you do not start changing anything until you are sure that the water is turned off.