A mirror can make a world of difference to the perception of space in your bathroom. The mirror reflects light and creates depth in the room, so it seems larger.

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Choose the right bathroom mirror

You can choose from a wide range of bathroom mirrors. You can focus on the latest trend, practical needs, aesthetic considerations – or a combination of these.

We guide you through the various options and give you some practical tips for choosing the ideal mirror for your bathroom.

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Mirror shape and size

Mirrors come in a wealth of possible shapes. However, most people choose a square or round mirror for their bathroom.


A round shape provides contrast in a bathroom with square tiles. While a rectangular mirror can underscore the straight lines if the bathroom has a rectangular sink or tiles.


The size of the mirror depends on how much space you have, and how much you want to see in the mirror. If you choose a mirror that goes all the way down to the sink, be prepared to clean the mirror a little more often, due to splashing from the mixer tap.


The size and shape of your bathroom mirror can be customised, so it aligns with your bathroom furniture and fits your needs.


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Round bathroom mirrors

Round mirrors are a popular trend in bathrooms, serving a decorative function.


However, if you choose a round bathroom mirror, you should be aware that it will have less mirror space. This can be a challenge in a family bathroom, where there has to be room for people to brush their teeth, set their hair and put on makeup at the same time.


If you love the idea of a round mirror, you can either make sure it is large enough, or put it in the guest toilet, where people only need to see their face in the mirror.

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Wall-to-wall mirrors

A large wall-to-wall mirror is tailored to your bathroom and ensures you have all the mirror space you want. It is especially practical in households where several people need to use the mirror at the same time.


One-piece mirrors can create a beautiful, inviting mirror wall. The large shiny surface is both exclusive and minimalist in its expression.


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Integrated mirror lighting

A mirror with an integrated light ensures good lighting and adds a decorative light effect in the bathroom. The solution is functional, stylish and simple at the same time. Light strips can be horizontal or vertical, depending on the size of the mirror and your taste.


If you choose a bathroom mirror with integrated lighting, it must be approved for wet room use. This is to ensure that the mirror can withstand water splash, without the risk of electric shock. Then you can place the mirror near a water source without any problems. All HTH mirrors with lighting are safety approved.

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Mirror unit
2-in-1 function

If you choose a mirror cabinet, you get a smart combination of storage space and plenty of mirror space.

A multifunctional mirror can be particularly ideal in small bathrooms, where every square metre counts.

Vanity mirror
– a nice extra touch

If you want perfect conditions for putting on makeup, a vanity mirror is an important detail. You can use the small extra mirror for a close-up view, and to check that your makeup is exactly how it is meant to be.

The mirror serves a decorative role

A polished edge, a sandblasted frame, round corners or the brackets that hold the mirror in place. All of these can add personality and charm to your bathroom. Mirrors have inherent appeal, and serve as a decorative element that will always be relevant due to their practical function.


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Find the right mirror for your bathroom

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