NEWS: Framed front kitchen
using Shape

The Shape system consists of attractive strips which frame your unit doors, resulting in a characteristic framed front kitchen.
This gives the kitchen design a unique retro look.

Tendens | HTH

Shape combined with Tendens doors. The simple strips accentuate the characteristic integrated door handles and give the kitchen a unique design appearance.

Tendens | HTH

Frame your kitchen using Shape

The Shape system brings furniture style to your kitchen, making it possible to create a framed front kitchen with a retro look.

The characteristic strips create cohesion in the framed front kitchen and accentuate your chosen unit doors.

An extra dimension

The Shape kitchen is based around a simple strip which frames your kitchen units and accentuates their unique design expression.

Shape gives your kitchen design an extra dimension, and boldly reinterprets the classic framed front kitchen.

Focus | HTH

Shape frames our exclusive Focus unit doors, creating a retro kitchen look.

Focus | HTH

Focus unit doors without Shape strips.

Design your unique framed front kitchen

Shape can be combined with three of our most popular and attractive unit doors: Focus, Tendens and Shaker.

Combining several varnish colours in the same Shape kitchen produces an attractive result. This kitchen was designed using Shaker with two varnish colours: white and grey.

Focus | HTH

Handle-free framed front kitchen with Focus unit doors and Shape strips.

Tendens | HTH

Model Tendens combined with grey and white Shape strips.

Find your Shape favourite

Shape allows you to create your own unique design expression.

Combine Shape with Shaker for a framed front kitchen with a classic and stylish look. If you combine Focus and Shape, you can personalise the style however you want by the handles and worktops you choose. Shape combined with Tendens unit doors gives you a dynamic young kitchen with integrated handles.

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Frame the unit doors of your choice
using Shape strips in any of four colours

See how you can design your Shape frame kitchen

Find inspiration in the Gallery of framed front kitchens.

Focus | HTH

See the Shape system first hand

You haven’t properly experienced a framed front kitchen until you see the Shape system in real life. Visit your nearest HTH store to see all the options.

You can also speak to one of our experienced kitchen consultants for advice on colours, materials and much more.