With MagicMoveID you can always reach the top kitchen shelf – it comes down to you!

MagicMoveID | HTH

Innovative design from HTH

MagicMoveID is a new approach to wall unit storage. The front part of the cabinet is just like a standard wall unit, while the back section can be mechanically lowered simply by pressing a button.

This solves the challenge of reaching to the back of the top shelves.

MagicMoveID | HTH
HTH MagicMoveID

Five advantages of MagicMoveID

1: You can reach the back of the top shelf without help.
2: You utilise every centimetre and avoid wasting space.
3: You have your kitchen utensils hidden away, but at your fingertips.
4: Sharp kitchen utensils are out of reach.
5: You can enjoy a stylish design and a handy solution that is bound to impress.

MagicMoveID | HTH

Everything is at hand

- when you need it

MagicMoveID makes it possible to use the back section of wall units – an area that is otherwise often difficult to utilise. The push of a button is enough to bring everything within reach, and when you've finished working in the kitchen, you can simply let it slide out of sight once more.

Sharp knives are kept out of reach of children, and all your kitchen utensils are kept off the worktop, keeping your workspace clear.

Exploit every centimetre

MagicMoveID’s lowerable shelves help you make the most of the space in your kitchen units. You also avoid the annoying problem of having items hiding in the back of your wall units that you never get to use.

MagicMoveID is the perfect solution if you like pure lines, but still want to make the most of every centimetre of your kitchen.

HTH MagicMoveID | Innovation fra HTH

MagicMoveID can be integrated into all HTH kitchens.

HTH MagicMoveID | Innovation fra HTH

It can be difficult to utilise the top shelf fully in traditional wall units.

See the innovative shelves at HTH

If you would like to see MagicMoveID first hand, visit your nearest HTH store to see the innovative shelves in action.

You will also have the opportunity to get personal advice from our expert kitchen consultants, who can help you realise your dream kitchen.


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