Since our daily lives and the world around us are constantly changing, at HTH we see it as only natural that the kitchen should keep up.
We therefore constantly develop and rethink our products and solutions – and the services and options we offer you.

VH-7 Concept

Rethinking the handle-free kitchen

VH-7 Concept is based around a set of beautiful and functional handle grooves. These give the handle-free VH-7 kitchen its special design expression with slim vertical and simple horizontal lines.

See the possibilities for a handle-free kitchen using VH-7 Concept.

HTH model VH-7 Concept
MagicMoveID | HTH

Magic for your wall units

MagicMoveID is a new approach to wall unit storage. The front part of the cabinet is just like a standard wall unit, while the back section can be mechanically lowered simply by pressing a button.

This gives you easy access to the contents of the cabinet, and allows you to exploit the rear space that can otherwise be difficult to reach.

Easy, elegant storage

FrameFlex is a simple, light storage system that you can put together and design as you wish.

Use the elegant shelves as an eye-catching interior feature for your favourite things in the kitchen, living room, hallway or even a child’s bedroom.

FrameflexID / Form  møder  flow og funktion
HTH FrameFlexID®
TableID | HTH

TableID takes up almost no space when folded up – giving you free floor space.

TableID: Ingenious integrated fold-down table and shelf

Dining space in the kitchen? The decision can be a difficult one. You may be able to squeeze in a table, but it might make it more difficult to move around in the kitchen.

TableID solves this problem. It is an ingenious wall-mounted fold-down table and shelf in one.

TableID | HTH

Extra worktop space when you need it

WorkTopID® combines storage space and a worktop in one solution.

When you need more worktop space, simply roll out the module. It offers so much extra space that it can be used as a dining or working area.

Worktop ID Red dot
Få musik i køkkenet med SoundID | HTH GO

Music in the kitchen design

If you love to listen to music as you cook and spend time in the kitchen, HTH has great news for you: the SoundID module.

HTH’s SoundID is an elegant sound unit developed specially to provide good sound in the kitchen.

Read more about what SoundID has to offer.