VH-7 Concept

VH-7 is a handle-free kitchen design based on attractive and functional handle grooves.
The 4 different handle grooves can be used with a wide range of fronts, giving you the freedom to create your own personal handle-free kitchen.

VH-7 Concept

Model Focus Black Oak with black VH-7 handle grooves

VH-7 Concept

Focus White High Gloss with white VH-7 handle grooves

A tribute to pure lines

VH-7 is based around a set of beautiful and functional handle grooves. These give the handle-free VH-7 kitchen its special design expression with slim vertical and simple horizontal lines. The unique handle grooves avoid the need for cutting into the door – as is done in other handle-free kitchens.

VH-7 Concept gives the kitchen a minimalist look with elegant straight lines and a good door grip.

Rethinking the handle-free kitchen

Selecting the Focus model and adding VH-7 handle grooves allows you to add yet another attractive design detail. We have experimented with the handle-free horizontal lines and added an asymmetric placement.

Drop by your local store and see more great VH-7 details.

HTH model VH-7 Concept

Model Focus Clay with VH-7 handle grooves in a steel look

Model overview

You can design your VH-7 kitchen with a range of different fronts, in several colours and materials.
Combined with the 3 different handle grooves, this gives you endless possibilities for creating your own personal expression.

Handle grooves

VH-7 handle grooves are available with 3 different surface treatments.

The handle-free VH-7 bathroom

Design your bathroom using VH-7 handle grooves and adopt a consistent theme throughout your home interior.

Focus | HTH

Model Focus with VH-7 handle grooves in a steel look

Focus Laminat | HTH

Model Focus Natural Oak laminate and Focus White with black VH-7 handle grooves

VH-7 Concept can be used anywhere in your home, creating an appealing common theme in your interior design.

The beautiful horizontal and vertical handle grooves can be used with these selected fronts: Mono, Focus, Focus Veneer, Focus Laminate, Harmony Dark, Oslo and Plain White.

VH-7 Concept kan benyttes overalt i din bolig, så du kan skabe en flot sammenhæng i indretningen.

De smukke horisontale og vertikale grebsspor kan benyttes til de udvalgte fronter: Mono, Focus, Focus Finér, Focus Laminat, Copenhagen, Oslo og Stockholm.

Get help to design your dream kitchen

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Read more about VH-7 and the handle-free kitchen. Together we can find the kitchen to meet your needs and your budget.

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