Modern country kitchen

Grå Kvadrat | HTH

Classic idyll with a modern touch and details

Grå Kvadrat

  • Shaker Grey | HTH
  • Grå Kvadrat | HTH
  • Shaker Grey | HTH
  • Grå Kvadrat | HTH


Modern country kitchen

Every now and then, time stands still. Especially in the right surroundings. At HTH, we have created a modern country kitchen that captures the feeling of romance, the countryside and those treasured moments in life.

The Shaker Grey model is a modern country kitchen designed for those who want a feeling of warmth and charm in their kitchen. The beautiful unit doors feature the classic frame look, while the modern grey colour has become a new classic within home interiors.

Give your country kitchen a personal touch
When you choose Shaker Grey for your new kitchen, there are many different ways of giving it a personal touch. At HTH, you will find a wide range of beautiful handles and worktops that perfectly match the modern country kitchen.

Shaker Grey | HTH


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Grå Kvadrat | HTH


Shaker Grey is a 20 mm MDF board covered with foil. The edges are rounded, and the back is coated with white silk matt melamine.


Foil doors

We have designed the modern country kitchen with foil doors that elegantly complement the way in which the doors have been milled. Foil doors are the right choice when you want a robust and wear-resistant door that is very easy to clean. Foil is resistant to the vast majority of organic solvents, and is also water and moisture-resistant.

When you choose Shaker Grey, you have the option of selecting glass doors for the kitchen wall units to achieve an attractive showcase look.

Read more about the different door types here.

Experience Shaker Grey close up

Visit one of our shops to see Shaker Grey close up and to be inspired by the country kitchen ambience.

Our experienced kitchen consultants are ready to advise you on all aspects of kitchen design.

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At HTH, we have more than 20 different kitchen designs. Several of them are also available in a wide range of veneer and
laminate types and colour options. This means that we are able to offer an incredibly wide choice when you need a new kitchen. 

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