Modern, minimalist innovation

HTH are all about a clean, simple look in their innovative concepts for minimalist kitchens. Next is a stylish, timeless design, which exudes quality and comfort. The kitchen’s design includes integrated handles and built-in solutions, which underpin the design’s pure minimalism

The stylish look is highlighted by the clean lines, which are expressed in the horizontal lines of the design. Next also shows how a simple design does not have to compromise in terms of cupboard space. The beautiful white fronts conceal abundant space.

Even if you have a minimalist kitchen, you can easily add your personal touch. Decorate the kitchen with your favourite furniture, attractive pictures and other personal items of interior design, thus creating your own individual style in your new, minimalist kitchen.

Practical information about Next

Next is made of 1.9-cm MDF boards with horizontal handle grooves and is coated with a durable, high gloss white lacquer. The model is also available in matt white.

Come and see Next at HTH

Would you like a real, first-hand taste of Next’s minimalist, simple design? So stop by your nearest HTH dealer, where you can see it. Here you can see the model in both matt white and white high gloss.

If you would like to be sure of plenty time for an in-depth discussion about planning your new kitchen, it might be a good idea to book an appointment with one of our kitchen consultants. We will help you with everything from your very first thoughts and ideas to the finished solution.

If you choose Next, you always have the option of having the cabinets assembled and delivered to your home for no additional charge.