Dekor Plain White

Competitively priced kitchen, with an emphasis on quality

A lot of kitchen for less cash

HTH’s Decor Smooth White is a very good choice if you want to replace your kitchen, bathroom, closet or home office, without having to spend a fortune. Or create your own, completely intimate home office.

Practical information about the kitchen

Decor Smooth White is made of 1.6 cm board and coated with 120-g eggshell melamine. Finished with a 1.3-mm-thick synthetic edge.

Learn more about the kitchen - look in at your local HTH

If you are curious to see the model, or would like us to clarify your best options for integrating a functional, inviting kitchen in your home, even if space is limited, drop in at your local HTH showroom. Our staff are always ready to answer your questions and give you good advice.

You are also welcome to book a meeting with one of our expert kitchen consultants right away. Then you can be sure that we will have plenty time for an in-depth discussion and help you to put together the kitchen, which will live up to your dreams and ideas.

If you choose Dekor Plain White, you always have the option of having the cabinets assembled and delivered to your home for no additional charge.