Athena Light Ash Veneer

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Elegant Nordic ash is making a comeback

Natural colours and materials set against the unique Nordic light have always held a special place in Scandinavian homes. That is why HTH are now introducing a new feature for everyone who enjoys Nordic traditional design – the distinctive light ash is back in the range.

HTH Focus Lys Ask Finer

Athena Light Ash Veneer features veneer fronts with horizontal grain, edged with solid wood edging in painted white ash. The door is made of 1.9 cm board coated with 0.6 mm veneer.

Ash is a mainstay of Nordic furniture. You can combine this light ash with contemporary and discrete laminate colours by putting Athena Light Ash Veneer together with Athena Light Ash Laminate.

HTH model VH-7 Concept

Athena Light Ash Veneer and Athena White can be used for HTH’s unique VH-7 Concept, which offers handleless stylish kitchen design with smooth doors. Find out more about VH-7 here

Innovative design from HTH

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MagicMoveID makes it possible to use the rearmost section of wall units – an area that is otherwise often difficult to utilise fully. The push of a button is enough to bring everything within reach, and when you've finished working in the kitchen, you can simply let it slide out of sight once more.

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Athena Veneer | HTH