Athena Laminate

A hard-wearing kitchen

Are you looking for a kitchen, which not only meets your requirements for durability and wear, but also satisfies your need for beautiful design? Then HTH’s Concept is the choice for you.

Athena laminate

This model is made of a 1.9-cm-thick board coated with high pressure laminate. The door has a 11,5 mm, bevelled edging strip in solid wood. The bevelled wooden edge breaks the elegant surface, lending the design a natural warmth.

The wooden edges are surface treated with a durable lacquer. Available in a variety of laminate colours.

Concept comes in the following models: Black Oak Laminate - White Oak Laminate - Natural Oak Laminate - Beech Laminate

Available colors

  • Hvid | HTH Laminatfarver

    Hvid | HTH Laminatfarver
  • Støvgrå | HTH laminatfarver

    Støvgrå | HTH laminatfarver
  • Mørk Sand | HTH Laminatfarver

    Mørk Sand | HTH Laminatfarver
  • Koksgrå | HTH laminatfarver

    Koksgrå | HTH laminatfarver
  • Sort | HTH Laminatfarver

    Sort | HTH Laminatfarver

Your safety

HTH attach great importance to your safety. That is why we give you a 5-year guarantee on cabinets, worktops, sinks sink unit mixers (drip guarantee), handles, knobs, LED lighting and built-in spotlights, when you purchase a new kitchen, bathroom or closet. For the rest of the fixtures and fittings you purchase from HTH, we provide a 2-year guarantee.

Since we also know how often drawers and cabinets are opened and closed in the course of a single day, our kitchens have high quality construction. That is why we also give you a 25-year guarantee on drawer sides, tracks and hinges, and on wire items and the tracks and metal fittings for wire items.