Kitchen units

Kitchen units are available in so many different widths and depths that they lay down almost no limits on your dream of the perfect kitchen layout. Moreover, there are so many functional ways of organising your kitchen units today that you can always be sure of a fully functional kitchen, regardless of size. Here, you can read more about the different types of units and what you should bear in mind when making your selection and organising the layout.

Base units

Nowadays base units come in a large number of standard widths ranging from 20 cm to more than 100 cm. The units by the sink are typically 60, 80 or100 cm in width for practical reasons.

It is possible to combine HTH's system of base units as you wish. This allows you to experiment with the appearance of your kitchen – while giving you the chance to consider storage space along with the layout of your kitchen.

When arranging drawers in the base units, it is easy to get to things. If you choose a drawer that can be pulled all the way out, it will be easier for you to view its contents. An additional advantage with drawers is that they are easy to keep clean and tidy.

Wall units

Units that have been fitted to walls are described as wall units. Around 50 cm is a suitable distance from the wall unit to the kitchen worktop as this gives you easy access to its contents.

As with the base units, the wall units are available in many different standard widths, although they are not quite as deep as the base units. Wall units come in several different heights. This is useful when working on the overall design of your kitchen. Lighting can be installed in all HTH wall units.

Individual solutions

The standard HTH range features units and modules in so many widths, heights and depths that there is normally no problem at all in tailoring the optimal solution to complement the kitchen.

Discover all the options. There may be more storage space than you had originally imagined.

Tall units

Tall units are the most spacious elements in the kitchen. They are just as deep as the base units and are available in many different widths and heights. Tall units provide plenty of storage space, but remember that they may mean that you will lose out on a little worktop space.

Tall units are fitted with shelves or pull-out drawers that you can pull all the way out instead of opening the door. This allows you to see inside and provides easy access to the contents.

Appliances are often built into a tall unit. For example, the oven and the dishwasher can be built in, giving you a more natural working height. It is also possible to choose a refrigerator that can be integrated into a tall unit and concealed behind a door. This is a solution that ensures a very elegant design.

When building the appliances in, ventilation grids and adaptor mouldings will need to be fitted, too.

Worktop height

It is important that your kitchen worktop has the ergonomically correct working height. As a rule of thumb, a good working height is 10–15 cm below elbow height. Since people of different heights will need to use the kitchen, compromise will be the only option. The standard height for kitchen worktops is 90 cm.


The plinth is the support structure which the base units rest on. There are several standard heights to choose between, and tall plinths generally mean less storage space, as they limit the size of the base units.

A practical feature would be drawers incorporated in the plinth. This has great potential, because one or more drawers can be built into the plinth in an elegant design. Drawers incorporated in the plinth provide additional, practical storage space. However, bear in mind that it is best to reserve this space primarily for things that you do not need to use frequently, as bending down would otherwise become a nuisance.

An alternative to the traditional plinth is a solution with visible plinth legs. This provides an impression of space under the units – a design feature which can help give your kitchen a lighter, airier look. It is true that a little bit of extra cleaning will be involved, but you should have no problem reaching all areas.