The kitchen units you choose provide the basis for your new kitchen. See how to create the best foundation.

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The units are the core of the kitchen

Kitchen units are a fundamental part of your kitchen design. They have to be right! If you have ever experienced a lack of shelf space in the kitchen, you know the importance of choosing the right units.

We’ll guide you in how to put together a perfect mix of wall, base, top and tall units to create the right combination.

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Expert tips

Do you have difficulty reaching the top shelves? Choose Magic Move, which automatically lowers the rear section of the wall unit so you can easily reach everything.

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Drawer units

You can make it easier to find your kitchen items by choosing drawers rather than shelves in your base units. Drawers that pull-out fully offer easy access.

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Good corners

Does your kitchen have corners? Start by deciding on the unit type for the corner. Then you know how much space is left for the remaining kitchen units.


How to choose the right kitchen units

The size of the kitchen naturally places limits on how many kitchen units you have room for. It is often important to utilise space intelligently to get the right look, ample storage space and good functionality.

How many kitchen units and which types you need depends mainly on three things:

■ How much kitchen equipment you need to store in the kitchen.

■ How much worktop space you need. Base units add worktop space, tall units reduce worktop space.

■ How you can make optimal use of the space. Choose a kitchen shape that minimises wasted space and design the layout based on the work triangle.

To get the most out of your kitchen units, it’s important to have a functional kitchen layout that fits the room.

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A tall unit with Tandem pull-out exploits the available space and provides easy access.

Which kitchen units are best?

The size of the kitchen determines which units you have room for and how they should be combined to make the most of the space.
There are several types of kitchen units with different heights and widths. Each has its own advantages.

Familiarise yourself with the various types of kitchen units, and see if what you need most is base, wall, top or tall units – or a good combination of them all.

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No kitchen without base units

Base units are the core of the kitchen

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Spacious base units are a must, regardless of the size of your kitchen. They are a fixed part of any new kitchen.


It is typically in base units that you store large kitchen utensils such as pots, pans and bowls, because they are deeper than other kitchen units. Base units with drawers are a good choice if you want easy access to the contents.


If you have room for a kitchen island, base units will make up the foundation. Base units are available in two depths, allowing you to design a kitchen island with a dining space, for example.



Base units are mounted on a plinth or plinth legs, which are available in different heights. The higher you want the worktop in relation to the ideal working height, the more plinth you will have. Fortunately, you can utilise the space under base units using plinth drawers.


See other examples of ingenious drawer solutions.

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Wall units transform the wall into storage space

Use your walls for storage

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Wall units are not as deep as base and tall units. However, wall units are ideal for utilising space at height. Particularly in smaller kitchens, wall units are ideal for transforming space on walls into valuable storage space.


You can choose wall units with or without doors. Doors protect your kitchen units from dust and dirt, while wall units without doors give you a good overview.


Wall units should be positioned about 50 cm above your worktop for optimal working conditions.




HTH has designed several innovative solutions that push the envelope in relation to how we think about wall units.


MagicMoveID is a good example. With the push of a button, MagicMoveID automatically lowers the rear part of the wall unit. This gives you easy access to the contents.

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Top units:
An alternative to wall units

Use top units as an alternative

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Top units offer an alternative to wall units. Top units are lower in height than normal wall units, resulting in a more spacious kitchen design.


Top units are very flexible. They are available in several heights, and doors are also optional. If you choose a top unit with a door, the door hinges at the top of the unit.




If you prefer your favourite things to be visible in your kitchen, FrameFlexID is a flexible storage system you can put together and design as you want.


You can also use open shelves as an alternative to wall units. Shelves offer an airy design, and allow you to have all the things you frequently use in your kitchen right at your fingertips.

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Tall units exploit the full room height

Tall units offer several advantages

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Tall units offer the most storage space, utilising the space right up to the ceiling. Tall units are available in a variety of widths and depths.


Tall unit interiors can be organised to meet all your requirements. For example, fill the tall unit with adjustable shelves or pull-out wire baskets and trays for quick access to the contents.


You can also make optimal use of the storage space in a tall unit using a Tandem pull-out. This brings the contents out to you when you open the door, for easy access.

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Built-in units create a professional look

Built-in units for integrated appliances

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Built-in units hide the fronts of your white goods, replacing them with a door that matches the rest of your kitchen. Built-in units are typically base units that conceal a dishwasher, or tall units for fridges and freezers.


Built-in units give your kitchen design pure lines, because you hide the white goods away behind uniform fronts. However, please note that the white goods must be designed to be integrated into a unit for this solution to work.


Get advice on built-in units and integrated appliances at your local HTH store.

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A corner unit minimises wasted space

Exploit all the corners

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Kitchen corners can often be a challenge when you want to avoid unnecessary wasted space. Fortunately, there are several options for optimally using corners with cleverly designed corner cabinets.


The classic model is a corner unit with shelves, but it can be difficult to see and access the contents.


As an alternative, various types of carousels can provide better access to the contents of a corner unit. The luxury solution is a corner unit with LeMans pull-outs, where the shelves slide out to you, putting the entire contents within reach.

Find your new kitchen units

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