The unit handles you choose for your drawers and doors help to perfect your kitchen or bathroom look.
New unit handles may seem like a small thing, but they can actually make a big difference to your kitchen.

How to choose handles for units and drawers

Before choosing new handles for units and drawers, there are five things that are worth considering in order to make sure you choose the right handles for your kitchen doors.

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1: User-friendly handles

Drawers and door handles should not be something you struggle to get hold of. Your unit handles must be easy to find when you work in the kitchen, so you can reach the things you need quickly and easily.

It is important to also give thought to user-friendly unit handles when you design your new kitchen. Think about how you work in the kitchen, to get an idea of which unit handles are best for your kitchen. 

2. General planning

The handle is not the most important element in your kitchen planning – in the sense that it is not the first thing you need to decide on. Only once you have decided on the doors and the arrangement of your kitchen units is it time to choose handles.

It is an important detail to ensure that handles on drawers and doors do not hit each other when you have more than one open at a time.

When you position your unit handles, make sure they are located where your hand will automatically seek them, so you do not have to look to find the handle. 

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3. Handles that match your style

A good match between your kitchen units and handles is crucial to the overall impression. You can choose a general style for doors and handles which is either classic or modern. It amplifies the style when handles for doors and drawers have a matching style.

If you are not sure whether the style should be modern or classic, you can choose a mixed style with a more playful and dynamic look. Putting a rustic handle on a modern door can produce an attractive and personal style. A modern unit handle with curves can also soften up the style in an otherwise minimalist kitchen.

4: Door size and weight

Your door handles must match the size of the doors in the kitchen. There is not point putting a small knob on a heavy fridge or tall unit door. A very small handle on a huge door can also look out of place.

Small knobs are suitable for small, light doors, while a solid or long handle is best for heavy doors with a large surface area. 

5: Handle life time

Your unit handles have to last as long as your kitchen. However, the time may come when you want to change the kitchen style a bit using new handles.

If you want the option to be able to change the handles, it is a good idea to choose handles with standard measurements, so they are easier to replace – without having to drill new holes. Choose handles with a hole distance of either 128 or 160 mm.

If you cannot get the holes to fit, make sure the new handles can cover the old holes, otherwise the unit doors will look unsightly with visible holes. 

Did you know that all HTH handles have a five-year warranty, and all comply with the nickel test?

Help installing new unit handles

See how easily you can freshen up your unit doors with new handles.

Precision is important when fitting door and drawer handles. Use a template to position and install the handles, to ensure your handles end up sitting straight.

New unit handles can spice up your old kitchen

If you want to freshen up your kitchen without a major renovation, new unit handles are a good solution. Changing the handles is an easy and affordable way to give your kitchen a lift.


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