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Three tips before choosing appliances


Appliances are an important part of your new kitchen and can make up a large part of the total budget.
We therefore present our three best tips below, so you can consider them before choosing appliances.

1: Which appliances do you need in your kitchen?

Do you live on the move, taking a quick cup of coffee in the morning and holding cocktail parties on weekends? Or do you have a family, with lots of traffic in the kitchen and a fully stocked fridge?

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Life is constantly on the move and needs change, but before you choose appliances it is a good idea to think about what you need most in the kitchen. This allows you to prioritise your appliance budget and cover your needs in the best possible way.

2: Free standing or integrated appliances?

Integrated appliances are either concealed behind a kitchen front or integrated into a tall unit etc. An integrated solution allows for a uniform look in the kitchen, with the kitchen fronts in focus. If your kitchen needs renovating in the future, you can simply replace the fronts and keep the same appliances.

Freestanding appliances look the same in your kitchen as they do in the store. The front is generally always visible.

Freestanding appliances allow you to create a raw look in a kitchen using steel appliances, or a nice contrast between dark doors and white appliances. It is also possible to buy freestanding appliances in a range of attractive colours, allowing you to play with the overall look of the kitchen.

Consider the following before choosing one solution over another.

1. Do you want the refrigerator and dishwasher to be a visible part of the kitchen’s character?

2. Do you prefer appliances to be concealed so you can have a consistent look throughout?

3. Do you want your oven raised to a good working height and integrated into a tall unit? Or do you want it under the cooking hob like a classic stove?

3: Re-use or buy new appliances?

Appliances account for a significant part of the total kitchen price.

If you already have appliances, it is natural to consider whether you want to re-use these, and save your budget for the kitchen elements.

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1. What size are your current kitchen appliances?
There is a risk you will end up having to match your new kitchen to your old appliances.

2. Do you dream of having integrated appliances?
Integrated appliances are popular in modern kitchens, and re-used appliances are unlikely to be suited to this purpose.

3. Power consumption
New appliances consume considerably less power than appliances that are just a few years old. If you have a lot of activity in your kitchen, it might be worthwhile to buy new ones.

Get advice and guidance


At HTH we are kitchen experts, and partner with the best appliance vendors in the sector.
Our expert kitchen designers are aware of all the options the various appliance manufacturers offer, and are very happy to advise you.